Business is not going. What to do?
Business can go, and can stand. Why is this happening, why is business worth? If the conversation went in a different context, then the words “why it is worth it”…

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Improving customer service – 5 steps to keep up

I would not want to upset anyone, but as they say from the song you can’t throw out the words. The sad fact is that as a result of communication with marketing colleagues, it became clear that the amount of bad news from the market is increasing. The essence of these bad news lies in the fact that many markets are falling, the situation on them is deteriorating. This is confirmed by individual marketers and marketing experts, as well as different communities and guilds of marketers.

It would be possible to write off everything on the hysteria of marketers, but this will not work, because the drop in the markets and the deterioration of the market situation are confirmed by people working in sales. Some in this regard, even go into a deep spree. It is not surprising, because for more than 10 years everything was fine, but in the last year the situation began to deteriorate sharply, and when the situation worsens, then it is time to improve the work with clients.

There is also good news – so far not all markets are falling. But this news is only partly joyful, because basically those markets, which in principle cannot fall, do not fall. Yes, there are markets that, in principle, cannot fall – these are markets for essential goods and services. Mainly markets for goods and services are not essential, and this is the first sign of a serious crisis and a sign that people are either starting to save or have less money.

All this means that now you have to spend more effort on working with clients, because they simply will not part with money. For those who are accustomed to customers buying everything in a row and they do not even have to persuade difficult times come.

Quite easy times were caused by the policy of cheap US dollar and cheap Euro. For a long time they were actually handed out right and left. The result of this was the synchronous inflation of the US dollar, Euro and other currencies. Relative to each other, their courses have not changed much, and this causes the illusion that it is stable. However, in reality, if you take not real money for the base, but real goods, then the picture becomes very interesting.

For example, if you take the prices of gold, oil and real estate, then it turns out that these currencies have sagged 6-8 times synchronously since the beginning of the 2000s. To regain confidence in currencies, began the policy of expensive US dollar and expensive Euro. As a result, people have less money, which means that customers become less, and therefore it becomes harder to sell. It will help here only to improve work with clients.

Long years of growth, long years of confidence in the future, long years of expansion, long years of high self-esteem – many will have to forget about all this. Habitual world collapse or may collapse very soon. There comes a time when it will be necessary to fight for customers for real. There comes a time when it will be necessary to make a lot more effort than before, so that if you do not improve your standard of living, then at least not to roll back.

The standard of living is really under threat, because when problems arise with money among customers, they also arise among businessmen. When money problems, when they are in short supply, they begin to appreciate. This is exactly what financiers are trying to achieve – in order for money to begin to appreciate, despite the fact that their real value has dropped 6-8 times.

Many have already experienced problems with money and in fact work literally to pay rent, get dressed and eat. It’s sad, but there is a way out. In order to leave yourself a chance to return to the former way of life, you need to make improvement of work with clients. The work is not hard, and most importantly it can be done independently, which means for free. It includes 5 steps:

– sell to more existing customers

– understand your customers better

– attract new customers

– retain old customers

– get a guarantee of customer retention

All this – it is possible to say the cost of living with clients in the prevailing conditions. This must make everyone to keep up with in order to comply. It must be done. This will do everything. Who does not do – will lag behind, because the customers will leave him. They leave for the simple reason that no one wants to communicate with the backward.

Who will do – he will get customers backward. Whoever does this first wins the most. At the same time, the field for activity that arises in such conditions is very narrow. This is due to the fact that the number of customers is very limited. Accordingly, you can earn only if you expand the work with old customers. Want to sell them more? Here is a recommendation on how to sell more.

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Business is not going. What to do?
Business can go, and can stand. Why is this happening, why is business worth? If the conversation went in a different context, then the words “why it is worth it”…