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Anti-competitor protection

As is known, a wedge is knocked by a wedge. It turns out that in order to effectively resist attacks, in order to organize the most effective protection against competitors, it is necessary to engage in high-quality marketing, because the attacks are implemented through marketing, and hence it is also necessary to defend oneself through marketing.

In order not to become a victim of an aggressor, it is necessary to build a marketing system.

In order not to become a victim of an aggressor, it is necessary to build a marketing system, which should at least include a monitoring subsystem, an analysis subsystem, a “ammunition” creation subsystem to repel attacks. If we talk about the types of protection, protection from competitors is the following options: anti-defense, passive, active and mixed.

Anti-protection from competitors – this type of protection is characterized by the complete absence of it. The lack of protection and allows you to call this type – anti-defense, because the lack of resistance is equivalent to the assistance of the attacking company. This type of protection is applied by most companies. The calculation with this approach is based on the fact that the given company will not attack, or that it will “carry over”.

An example of anti-defense is when a teacher chooses who to call to the blackboard, but at that time everyone is sitting with lowered eyes, pretending that there is no one. It can even be assumed that companies that use this approach have created individuals who have lingered at the school level. They are the ones who transfer school experience to business, and accordingly school protection from competitors is applied in this case.

Passive protection from competitors is characterized by the fact that potential victims are aware that they can be attacked. For this reason, they are preparing for attacks. To do this, they direct part of the resources to repel attacks. With this approach to the issue, potential victims have to arm themselves to the teeth and have a powerful enough arsenal to repel any attacks, because you never know who will act as an aggressor.

In addition, these companies constantly have to live in fear, because you never know exactly when they might attack you. Although this is a more or less effective strategy, it requires a lot of resources, which makes it possible to recognize that it is not very effective. It is always harder to defend than to attack, because you do not know what to expect from the aggressor.

Active protection from competitors is characterized by the creation of conditions under which an attack becomes either unlikely or impossible or ineffective, which forces a potential aggressor to abandon his intentions. This defense strategy is that the potential of the attack of the aggressor is destroyed, or conditions are created under which the aggressor can be rebuffed, for example, through an alliance.

There is another way to repel the attacks of competitors – mixed protection against competitors

Among the tools that help implement such a strategy – the formation of public opinion through PR, intelligence, espionage, and the like. Active protection from competitors is the most effective protection against marketing attacks of aggressors and it is used by a large number of the most successful companies, which helps them to survive.

There is another way to repel the attacks of competitors – mixed protection from competitors. There is a type of protection against marketing attacks, which involves the use of tools, both active protection and passive, as a result of which it is called – mixed protection from competitors. This type of protection with proper application of tools also shows sufficient effectiveness.

You should always remember that no matter what type of protection is used, its effectiveness depends on proper planning and on the availability of reliable information about the aggressor. For this reason, it is necessary to have an effective marketing planning system, a monitoring system, as well as a system for collecting and analyzing information. However, the most important thing to know is that the world is not so good, and attacks are always worth the wait.

They usually attack the weakest ones, which are those potential victims who do not practice marketing at all.

To have or not to have protection against marketing attacks – everyone decides for himself. However, one should always understand that the role of marketing in the life of any company is very large, and it should not be underestimated, because someday the fact that it is in the company may even save its life. Marketing costs that at first glance may seem unnecessary in the end always pay off.

Usually they attack the weakest ones, which are those potential victims who do not practice marketing at all. For this reason, already the fact that the company is practicing real marketing.

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