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Modern analysis of market opportunities

Market opportunities may be different. Some allow you to get big income and profits, others small. Some will allow to receive income quickly, others slowly. Some market opportunities require large investments, and some require minimal ones. The main thing is not to make a mistake and make the right choice by conducting a qualitative analysis of market opportunities.

This is a very important point – to assess market opportunities not in general, but for a particular company.

In general, the essence of the analysis is to monitor the markets and identify where the greatest growth is currently underway, and what the prospects for this growth will be in the near future. Then markets or segments are selected where the greatest market opportunities are predicted from the point of view of each particular company and its capabilities.

This is a very important point – to assess market opportunities not in general, but for a particular company, because as they say, Russian is good, then German is death. When choosing market opportunities, the main thing is to see them as much as possible in order not to see the best opportunity. To do this, you need to look at the question widely, as well as to see the root.

If you look at the question in a standard way, then you can not see the prospects that are poorly visible, because so far they are just beginning. For example, there is information that at one time Facebook offered itself to Google for a penny. But Google did not see the prospects and refused to buy Facebook. Now clearly Google shareholders bite their elbows.

When they realized that they had lost, they attempted to correct the issue through the opening of their social network.

When they realized that they had lost, they attempted to correct the issue through the opening of their social network. Why, for the time being, she cannot even come close to Zuckerberg’s brainchild. Why all? Because Zuckerberg did something interesting, which will be discussed below, he was able to see prospects that Google representatives could not see.

In order to see them, you need to understand the marketing term as need. We must learn to understand just one simple term. It looks like there is nothing to understand, everything looks clear. But you should not rush to conclusions, because the need in essence is not something that is customary to think about. The need is something more, and this is not where it is told.

Once I wanted something, but I didn’t know specifically what I was in a state of uncertainty, in a state of lack of information. It is from this state, it is from the needs that everything begins. Exactly how the need will be satisfied will determine in the future in which direction the market will develop.

Who is the first to eliminate the need, he will turn the market in the direction advantageous to himself

The first to eliminate the need will turn the market in the direction that is favorable for them. It seems that it is impossible to turn the market. But through a proper understanding of need, a lot can be done, because need is something that can be managed. Previously, it was possible to consider only those market opportunities about which consumers already have information, i.e. for which the need is already met.

Now, with a new understanding of what a need is, you can take on those consumers who are a kind of “blank sheet of paper.” Previously, such consumers were viewed as unpromising, now, with a new understanding of what a need is – on the contrary, they are among the most promising, because it is they who can implement the necessary instructions and make them supporters of their goods and services.

The most interesting point is that needs also have a very specific reason. They arise not just like that. They arise due to the fact that some idea penetrates into a person. The idea of ​​watching a movie causes an appropriate need. The idea to buy a car cause a corresponding need. The idea to buy a mobile phone cause a corresponding need.

Thus, an analysis of market opportunities begins with ideas.

Ideas are invisible, so it’s not immediately clear what you want. They influence a person, cause sensations in him, but a person does not understand what he wants. Everything becomes clear only if relevant information is obtained that will reveal the essence of the idea. Thus, the analysis of market opportunities begins with ideas.

There are many, many ideas, and therefore there are also many market opportunities, but they are in a dormant state. In order to wake them up, you just need to embody the idea. Embody ideas pretty easy. First of all, it is necessary to “get” a good idea from the world of ideas. Then you just need to spread the idea among potential buyers. It will penetrate them and cause them to need.

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