Internal marketing as the basis of business
A person is selfish, he always thinks about himself, about his own benefit. He only thinks about someone else’s benefit if he is motivated to do so. Such is the…

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Read about the roshtein age online
Creative class as a way to fit into the future
Creative economy is a reality that has already come. Each type of economy implies the existence of a base class, elite. Accordingly, if there is a creative economy, then there…

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The first reason for low profits
There are a million tips on how to increase profits. However, despite this, up to 95% of businesses operate with minimal profit or even at a loss. The bottom line…

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Small Business Marketing

Imagine that you, an entrepreneur, turned out to be on an uninhabited planet, where not a soul is around. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to sell something, unless of course you sell it to yourself. You actually have nothing to do on such a planet, because you cannot find consumers for your products. But let’s say you were lucky, and you were on a habitable planet. At first, you can even rejoice, because, as it seems, like consumers darkness.

However, it will soon become clear that it is too early to rejoice. You, of course, will be able to offer goods to the inhabitants of this planet, let’s say mobile phones. However, it is not a fact that there is a mobile connection on this planet, which means that no one needs mobile phones, because there is no need for them. In such a situation, no one will rush to buy them, because, despite the presence of the population, there are really no consumers.

In order for aliens to start buying mobile phones, it is necessary to work very seriously on this. The main work will be aimed at transforming the world’s population into mobile phone consumers. People without marketing thinking may think that the population and consumers are one and the same. In fact, this is not at all the case, because in reality the population is just raw materials, the material that needs to be turned into consumers.

The population does not have the necessary characteristics in order to consume one or another product and for this reason will not do so. To consume products without appropriate characteristics is the same as watching a movie on a DVD without a DVD player or TV.

Therefore, if we want to have a consumer, we need to form the necessary characteristics with him. Speaking in another language, it is necessary to give the consumer both a DVD disc, and its player, TV and electricity. Only in this case will be the result. Obviously, marketing in a small business is a necessary element.

So, it becomes obvious that, paradoxically, but the fact is that initially there are no consumers and no markets. There is only a certain space with the population. If you come to the market, it means that someone before you did a great job of creating it and transformed the population into consumers. If this is not realized, then you can feed all sorts of illusions.

For example, one may think that it is enough to start a business and the business will immediately go up the hill. If before that someone has created a capacious market and there is a hidden demand on it, then perhaps this will be so. But if no one has created a market, it will be guaranteed very difficult and very often nothing will work out.

At the same time it will seem that someone is to blame for the fact that you are not going. In reality, things do not have to go, because, in fact, you ended up either on an uninhabited planet or on a planet with a population, but not with consumers, and in order for things to go, you need to convert the population into consumers.

There were many hostages of their own illusions. In order to see it enough to remember the beginning of the 90s of the last century. Then it was possible to sell everything and at almost any price. In those days, they probably earned 200-300 per cent on jeans, sweaters and other goods.

But that was as long as few people did. As soon as the number of entrepreneurs increased, this kind of goods began to be imported more, and the level of profits began to fall. Then the market was filled, everyone who wanted to basically bought the necessary goods for them, and were no longer willing to spend a lot of money to acquire them. Sales per point began to fall.

Given that most entrepreneurs did not have a marketing mindset, they began to look for reasons anywhere, but not in the market itself. Guilty appointed state, which, they say, imposed large taxes and in every way impedes work. However, such thoughts were nothing more than delusions.

In fact, something happened that could be called “consumers ended.” People who lack marketing thinking, have no idea that demand needs to be created. In all the markets where they worked, others were engaged in creating demand, and then they simply entered the market and took advantage of the situation. For example, if you take the demand for jeans, it appeared as a result of the promotion of American culture.

In fact, it was created by Hollywood. It was very difficult to buy jeans in the USSR, and this caused a very large hidden demand for them. Jeans were given such value that people were ready to purchase them at high prices, as long as they were. When jeans appeared in free sale, it is clear that everyone attacked them and those who were engaged in their sales made a lot of money on it. That’s the whole secret.

Similarly, at one time they were chasing caps with the words USA, California and the like, while paying crazy money for them, if we take their cost relative to the average wage at that time.

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